5 gifts other than diamonds for the big day of your life

Diamonds are synonymous with engagements. Woe betides anyone who does not propose with a huge diamond ring. The bigger, the better. But this makes diamonds very clichéd. Surely there are other gifts apart from diamonds for the big day of your life? Here are some choices. 

  1. A great holiday- all the preparation and planning leading up to a wedding can be exhausting! A way to get through the day is to know you’re marrying someone you love. Another way is to know that once the day is done, you can look forward to a lovely relaxing holiday. What better gift than the opportunity to sit by the ocean, watching a sunset with your partner? A holiday is a great way to bond and to plan for the life that’s ahead.
  2. Other jewelry- diamonds aren’t the only classic on the block. Why not consider pearls? Today’s pearls are not the fussy old-fashioned statement you might be familiar with. They are as trendy as they come. Think architectural designs and unusual settings. You can surely choose pearls as your jewelry of choice for the wedding. Pair your wedding gown or your going-away outfit with a set of pearl earrings or a pearl pendant and make a lasting impression. Pearls are versatile and go with pretty much everything. Take them on your holiday, wear them with your swimsuit or for a night on the town.
  3. Luggage- whoever said- I have enough bags? Luggage is a handy gift for the couple because there are many places where they will use it- quite literally. Think about personalized luggage or some unusual colors and prints to make the stuff truly stand out. Monogrammed luggage tags are not out of place at all. While you’re at it, why not choose some stylish handbags and office bags for the couple? She will appreciate a nice, roomy carryall for her business travel, don’t you think?
  4. Technology- today’s gifts are all about harnessing technology to map memories. Fujifilm has a lovely product in the Instax, a mini camera. It reminds you of simple times and creates moments you’ll always remember. Or think of a digital photo frame that will play all their favorite pictures on a loop. Technology is also useful for the many tasks they’ll need to perform in the house. From fitness devices and smart home applications to shopping gadgets, there’s a lot you can do with technology gifts.
  5. A closet full of comfort- brides- and grooms- go through a lot on their wedding day. Imagine high heels, stiff coats, strangling ties and you’ll understand what we are talking about. Why not gift the couple some really comfortable clothing? His and hers robes, fluffy slippers to pad about at home, warm clothing for the winter chill and some trendy jackets will surely go a long way. This will further help them realize that you always have their best interests in mind too. Never underestimate the power of comfort. It is nothing short of luxurious. 

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