Do You Dislike Traditional Wedding Bands?

Do You Dislike Traditional Wedding Bands? This is for you!

Sticking to the traditional wedding customs and wearing a classic wedding band may not be your thing. In your search for a great alternative, you may have landed on different pages advising and misadvising you. Well, here are the best eclectic and contemporary alternatives for you:

-       Tungsten wedding bands

Well, gold and silver are overrated. You may be allergic to the components or just in search of something different. The tungsten wedding bands are here for you. They are different in colour, are durable, strong and are available in grey or black. It is your best fit if you seek alternative metals.

-       Silicone bands

Yes, you can wear a wedding band made of silicone. They are durable, hypoallergenic and available in grey or black. They are among the trendiest men’s wedding bands and are hand crafted just for you.

-       Wood bands

If you want a wedding band out of this world, then you should have a wooden band. Oak and mahogany are mostly used with ceramic or a simple barrel to create the intriguing effect on the wedding band. This will definitely be the talk of your wedding long after the day because of the uniqueness. Carbon fiber inlays are also used in the men’s wedding bands made with wood.

They are long lasting and have a protective finish that makes it possible for you to wear this ring everywhere while doing different things in the office or at home.

-       Black Zirconium

Style and fashion will never die, maybe just repeat. This is another new style of wedding bands for men and ladies. They are strong, unique and will not cause any allergic reactions. Because of the black colour, they are very suitable for guys seeking something stylish and classy.

-       Meteorite bands

In search for alternative materials to make wedding bands and jewelry, jewelers have recently identified a meteorite stone that can be crafted into sleek wedding bands. Even though they cost more than traditional wedding bands, they will be worth every penny because of their durability. Gemstones are also available in the form of meteorites and are incredibly beautiful. To add a touch a class and sleekness, these wedding bands will be inlaid in titanium or wooden wedding bands.

-       Ceramic bands

They have a subtle and smooth finish that makes them very attractive. They can be made in earth colours and they will make your day just as memorable.

-       Tatoos

This is another alternative available for you if you do not prefer wearing wedding bands. The tattoos are designed differently depending on your preference as long as you understand what they symbolize. Though not adopted by many, it still is an alternative to traditional bands. You can also have a wedding band line tattoos on both of your wedding fingers. This still is a representation of love and is suitable if it is agreeable among the partners.

-       Pendants

Matching pendants can also be used as a symbol of your love for each other. Having an infinity pendant shape for instance is a great symbol for love between two people.


In conclusion, you can step out of the ordinary and expected wedding traditions by using any of these ideas. Your expression of love for each other will be represented by the wedding band, tattoo or pendants. There is nothing wrong with being different!



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