How to buy Loose Diamonds Online? The Right way!

In this buying guide, we will do our best to help you make the right purchase decision and save money when buying a loose diamond for a diamond ring or any other diamond jewelry.
What is important to you as a diamond buyer: shape, size, quality, elegance, store’s brand name, design of the ring setting? All of these factors, and even more impact a diamond’s price, so it’s only by learning about these attributes that you will decide exactly what you want in a diamond.
And once you know exactly what you want. You will see the best prices available for the exact diamond specifications you choose.
When thinking of buying a diamond ring (or any diamond jewelry for that matter) you need to decide first on how much money you can afford to spend on this important purchase and then what features are the most important—important for you, but more so for her. If you are shopping for an engagement ring, an oft-repeated hint among future grooms-to-be is that an appropriate ring should cost one to two months’ salary. Each gentleman needs to decide for himself what he can afford or would feel comfortable spending, though.
As far as the loose diamond features are concerned, fortunately, the choices are not that huge—it is not like buying a house. First, you need to decide what shape of a diamond stone she will like. If you already know what shape your loved one would prefer, congratulations! If not, you could ask her directly. If you want the gift or engagement to be a surprise, try enlisting a trusted friend to “go window shopping” with her and see which shape diamond catches her eye.
Another way to pick a shape is based on your future fiancé’s personality traits. A well-known New York diamond appraiser Saul Spero spent more than 25 years interviewing thousands of women to determine the correlation between personality and women’s preferences for diamond shapes. To help future grooms he summarized his findings in his book Diamonds, Love, and Compatibility: . In the book Spero talks about women’s personality traits most likely to match the six basic diamond shapes. You can use this approach, if you think it may work.

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