Why not to opt for a Traditional Engagement Ring?

Why not to opt for a Traditional Engagement Ring?

Every person’s life has some major milestones, as soon he/she crosses those, the life changes drastically. Be it the first day of school or first day at job, things change and life is bestowed upon with fruitful results. One of these major milestones is the engagement of the person with his/her soul mate, followed by their lovely wedding. Engagement, like the wedding, is something that everybody wants to be very special and memorable. Plans are made in months advance; all the preparations are cross checked a hundred times to leave no flaw behind, to give this day and celebration the touch of perfection. But, while making all these preparations, people forget the most important part, the Engagement Ring. People fall for the monotonous yet pocket burning costly traditional engagement rings.

The traditional gold engagement rings have become so common that every single person buys them for their engagement. And while you are making all the arrangements for making your engagement worth remembering and putting all the efforts, then why to settle for a thing that is owed by all? If you really want to go an extra mile for bringing that special effect to the celebrations, firstly, drop the idea of buying a gold engagement ring. There are hundreds of better options that can be chosen to bring the flavour to your special day.

Maybe at this point of time you are confused what to buy then? A platinum ring maybe, or a silver perhaps. Platinum ring does sounds like quite a great option, but buying it is not very easy for every common man, as it literally drills holes in the pockets. So what exactly to do when gold rings are out of question and platinum rings are out of budget, and yet the engagement ceremony is supposed to be made amazingly special?

The answer to this question lies in the beauty of gemstone studded rings. These delicate and sophisticated rings carry the beauty to take the hearts away and yet haven’t lost their value like gold rings, due to excessive use. If you really want to make your engagement ceremony worth remembering and extremely special, then the best options to choose from are engagement rings embedded with gemstones like Emeralds, Sapphires, Diamonds, Rubies or Pearls. Such rings not only add grace to the ceremony, but subtly tell your to-be spouse the extra mile you went to make this day special for both of you.

No, you do not have to go for a plain ring with gemstone studded to it. Nowadays gemstone studded rings come in splendid designs you may choose form, where each design is better than the last. Isn’t this better than choosing a monotonous and boring gold ring, which every other person gets for their engagement? The distinctive choice of yours, grace of the gemstone, beauty of the ring and charm of your love will make the evening worth remembering and extraordinary. So, rather than falling for traditional gold ring, get a gemstone ring for the engagement and make your beloved‘s day!

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