Why You Should Buy Custom Engagement Rings

Why You Should Buy Custom Engagement Rings

The love and relationship you have with your partner is truly unique and special, so shouldn’t you give her an engagement ring that is just as exceptional as her?

If you want your partner to have a ring that seamlessly reflects your love and commitment to her, then why not consider creating a custom engagement ring for your future fiancée.

You can collaborate with a custom jewellery designer to create a bespoke engagement ring that is exclusively made to fit your partner's style and personality. Doing so enables you to choose the gemstone, the shape, the metal, as well as the overall design of the ring.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should buy custom engagement rings and how to do it:

custom engagement rings

Do Some Research

If you still don’t have a distinct image of how you want the ring to look like, simply start by paying close attention to the jewellery that your partner already owns.

Is it classic, modern, vintage, or art deco? Does she prefer yellow gold or white gold? You can easily browse the internet and jewellery shops for design inspiration, and take note of what catches your eye. It is important to consider the stone shape, the metal, and the setting when looking for engagement rings.

Look For A Custom Jewellery Designer

Once you have a particular design in mind, the next step would be to find a jewellery designer who already has years of experience creating custom engagement rings.

Look For A Custom Jewellery Designer

You can ask to see some of their previous creations for references and make sure that you like their finished products before agreeing to work with them. After that, you can send them some of the design inspiration you found online, which should include all specifications and special requests if you ever have some. Then, ask for a quote based on the gemstones, the ring size, the precious metals, and the overall design concept of the engagement ring.

Be A Part Of The Process

The designer will then work with you to take all your ideas and image references in mind, and bring them into reality.

Once you’ve nailed down the concept, most custom jewellery designers will use an advanced printing technology and 3-D computer-aided design to provide you with a sample of how the final product would look like.

You are part of the whole design process, so giving your honest opinion is very essential. Ask any questions you have about the design, as well as the materials to be used, and ask them to change something if it is not what you expected. Do not hesitate to make as many alterations as needed before the designer starts creating the real thing. Bear in mind that this ring is for someone special, so it has to be perfect.

Remember To Protect Your Investment

Be sure that you have in writing all the details you and the designer had agreed upon, including the details of the setting, the purity of metal, the overall price of the ring, as well as the delivery date. Also, before anything else, confirm that all main diamond stones are individually certified, and have them assessed and evaluated before it is set into the ring.

Finding the perfect engagement ring for your beloved can be difficult. Thankfully, there's a solution for that! Let us know your thoughts regarding custom engagement rings.


Why You Should Buy Custom Engagement Rings


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